The easiest way to sell Fresh foods & Produce Locally!

Over 54,000 homes in Shoalhaven are eager to buy fresh food produce from various local farmers and food producers scattered across the region. 

Get a free online store for your food produce. Take orders from social media channels while you sleep like a baby!

FarmClust is a food marketplace platform that drives sales for your business through other people’s social network, group-buy invitations, peer-to peer information sharing and most importantly, cluster selling.


Set up your online store →Take orders from Locals → Get paid

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Set up your free store. Get up to $50 worth of local Facebook advertising

3 months of NO commission fees on sales + 9 months of 50% discount on commission

Free product photo shoot, Free self-marketing video shoot or stock photos for your store.

Extra bonuses for every 5 star rating you get from happy customers.

And more…

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Get more sales, less questions from your social media channels

FarmClust makes it easier for people connected to your Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS…networks to buy from your store without the usual back and forth you experience. Once they like what they see, they pay and you deliver or they pick up. C’est fini!

 Farmclust food marketplace enables you to sell quicker from your social media channels

5 ways Farmclust drives sales while you sleep like baby

Social Sharing

social sharing features on Farmclust makes ordering from your store via Facebook or WhatsApp just a single click away

Group buying

So, you’ve got a lot to sell within a short time…not a problem. Locals can organise themselves in groups on FarmClust to buy all you’ve got.

Social invitation

 FarmClust allows you to leverage on other people’s network as friends can invite their friends to buy from your store endlessly.

Content Sharing

Peer to peer information and knowledge sharing on the platform makes it easier for consumers to buy products they have learnt something interesting about.


Cluster selling makes FarmClust a great sales driver for your business. It offers the convenience of one stop shopping to consumers. This gives you the opportunity to sell along side other suppliers whose products complement yours.

Get A Free Store On The Local Food Marketplace

Selling together, winning Together, Growing faster!

Locals are waiting to find you where others are selling.

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