It was a big day today driving from Worrigee to Milton meats’ premises @ Milton. On my way back, I stopped briefly at Contadino Olive farm to say “hello!’. After exchanging pleasantries with everyone in the shop and was about to leave, Bruno, the farm owner said, “Elizabeth, take some apples with you. They are organic. No spray, nothing!” For me, I needed to get going to get dinner ready ASAP and didn’t want to wait any longer. So, I replied in my regular 9ja accent “Oh! Thanks Bruno, I’ll take just one and run off. He insisted and handed me as much as my hands could take. Then, off I went.

When I got home I looked at the apples, guess what? They didn’t have that shiny perfect look you get from the store. You know how we ladies’ face can sometimes look without foundation on? That’s how I can best describe the look the apples had.

I am not a big fan of apples but curious to know what an organic apple tasted like, I washed one and took a bite. My face lit up with a big smile. I headed straight to my hubby and asked him to have a bite. He took a bite and said “wow, eleyi dun! (meaning this is tasty!), where did you buy it?” He paused the movie he was watching and headed to the kitchen to grab one for himself. Right now, the five apples are gone and I am wondering why I was in such a hurry. I got to order more!

Here is a big question on my mind? What made these “not so beautiful looking apples” so tasty that we couldn’t stop at one?

Organic apple worrigee. Credit: www.farmclust.com.au