A local online farmer’s market for the neighbourhood.

Get a free online store for your fresh produce and food items.

Locals can now order varieties of food items from growers, producers and suppliers around their location in one transaction. Make it quicker for locals to discover and order your products along with other complementary products. All buyers love the convenience of one-stop shopping. Join the local food community.

Create a free store on the market and list unlimited number of fresh and locally produced food items.

Setting up your store and listing your products is absolutely free. No periodical or hidden charges. You only pay a commission fee when you have successfully made a sale. 

So you can maximize profit while offering great quality produce to locals at affordable prices. 

 Why sell on a community food marketplace?

It’s not a bad strategy to sell on a stand alone online store. It’s just that you may have to invest a lot of time and financial resources to enjoy as much audience as a market can attract.

Marketplaces offer the convenience of stop shopping as well as an array of choices. The presence of many suppliers  makes it easier for buyers to save time and effort in searching multiple location. Lots of impulse buying also happens in the process because buyers tend to find other products that complement what they plan to buy faster. This presents a great business opportunity to you.

Thinking of how to sell fresh produce or food items online?

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Create & set up your store

Take orders & payment

Fulfil orders

Get more sales, less questions from your social media channels

FarmClust makes it easier for people connected to your Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS…networks to buy from your store without the usual back and forth you experience. Once they like what they see, they order from you and you deliver or they pick up. 

 With FarmClust, it’s easier to combine sales and marketing with your core business operation.

5 ways FarmClust drives sales while you focus on core operations

Social Sharing

social sharing features on Farmclust makes ordering from your store via Facebook or WhatsApp just a single click away

Group buying

So, you’ve got a lot to sell within a short time…not a problem. Locals can organise themselves in groups on FarmClust to buy all you’ve got.

Social invitation

 FarmClust allows you to leverage on other people’s network as friends can invite their friends to buy from your store endlessly.

Content Sharing

Peer to peer information and knowledge sharing on the platform makes it easier for consumers to buy products they have learnt something interesting about.


Cluster selling makes FarmClust a great sales driver for your business. It offers the convenience of one stop shopping to consumers. This gives you the opportunity to sell along side other suppliers whose products complement yours.

Get A Free Store On The Local Food Marketplace

Selling together, winning Together, Growing faster!

Locals are waiting to find you where others are selling.

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